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Lambda 2 offers consulting services in engineering simulations and analysis. Our services are divided in the following categories.

Numerical simulations

    Problem solving, parametric studies and optimization applied to problems involving fluid dynamicsheat transfer and thermodynamics.
    Examples of applications include turbines, aerodynamics, pumps, heating, ventilation, etc.

    We have polyvalent software tools at our disposal allowing adapted solutions to your simulation needs (Siemens Star-CCM+®Matlab®, etc.).


    Customized training in state-of-the-art flow modeling with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Significant expertise with OpenFOAM, ANSYS-Fluent®, ANSYS-CFX® and Siemens Star-CCM+® softwares.

Automation and web solutions

    Support and development for the automation of your most time-consuming tasks (Microsoft Excel®, Matlab®). Simple web development solutions for online interfaces, web hosting and marketing.


Please feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs.

Thomas Kinsey, P.Eng.  Ph.D.


Lambda 2 - Simulations
Quebec City, Quebec


At Lambda 2, we have a strong network of collaborators with complementary expertise available as external advisors for specific projects.  

Guy Dumas, P.Eng. Ph.D.

Senior advisor in Fluid Mechanics and Thermo-Fluids

Professor Dumas has been teaching Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics for more than 20 years at Laval University. He has an outstanding knowledge of flow physics and CFD simulations.

Mathieu Olivier, P.Eng. Ph.D.

Advisor in Fluid-Structure Interactions

Professor Olivier is teaching at Laval University. He is specialized in Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) problems and CFD simulations.

Marc-André Campagna, P.Eng. M.Sc.

Advisor in Design and FEA

Mr. Campagna has been working as a professional in design-related projects at Laval University since 2012. He has a strong expertise in Computer-Assisted Design (CAD), Finite-Element Analysis (FEA) and CFD simulations.


client → OmegaWatt SARL

Perform parametric study based on CFD simulations to find optimal operating points for an oscillating turbine undergoing large heaving amplitudes.

client → Mavi Innovations inc.

Provided numerical simulation expertise for the redaction of the technical report River Hydrokinetic Turbine Array Modeling funded by Natural Resources Canada.

Provided numerical simulation expertise and supervised graduate students for the redaction of the technical reports Quantifying extractable power in a stretch of river using an array of MHK Turbines and Impact of channel blockage and free-surface proximity on the performance of axial and cross-flow hydrokinetic turbines under funding from Marine Renewables Canada. 

client → Ortho-Duro inc.

Provided ideas and solutions to avoid sensor contamination on a molding rig.

client → ABB

Provided customized training on thermo-fluids CFD simulations.

client → STC Footwear

Developed a thermodynamic model simulating multi-stage compression. Programmed and simulated its behavior for various configurations.

(T. Kinsey, as research assistant for Laval University)

client → Éolo inc.

Optimized the performance of an oscillating-foils hydrokinetic turbine with CFD simulations.

(T. Kinsey, private consulting)

client → VERTICA Wind Turbines inc.

Developed CFD modeling approaches for the simulation of 2D and 3D vertical-axis turbines. Analyzed simulation results for different blade geometries. Provided the client with user-friendly spreadsheet interface for simplified data post-treatment.

(T. Kinsey, private consulting)

client → Numerica Technologies inc.

Developed a numerical strategy with moving mesh for the simulation of 2D and 3D flapping foils.

(T. Kinsey, private consulting)

Lambda 2 Simulations
739 rue de Maskinongé
Quebec City, Quebec
Canada, G1X 2N5


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